Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CHANEL SoHo Story: Part Deux. Possible dupe for Chanel Vernis Strong

Le Vernis Strong appealed to me the first time I saw its picture in September. I prefer darker shades for fall and winter with some slight shimmer to it. I waited for a while to get my hands on it, and when I did, I knew I had to take it home. This is a black-based varnish with the main dark burgundy-brown-plum tone and reddish-burgundy micro-shimmer.On flash, amber and copper shimmer comes out more pronounced.

This is a gorgeous color. However, as with some Chanel Le Vernis, the color has more shimmer in the bottle. On nails, it looks 'duller' and darker, with shimmer being the most pronounced on either flash or bright light.

No flash
As with typical Chanel polishes, this beauty has a thick formula which applies well in just one coat. However, this color is not groundbreaking by any means. I could think of a few similar polishes that I already have and in some cases, prefer over Strong. One such close dupe is OPI's Midnight in Moscow from Russian Collection that came out in 2007.Although these two are not identical, they are very similar, especially in day light. Under flash, Chanel Strong looks more purple than Midnight in Moscow.
With flash
No Flash
OPI Midnight in Moscow with Flash

OPI's formula is thinner, so I equate one coat of Chanel to two coats of OPI. OPI Midnight in Moscow (along with the whole Russian Collection)  is one of my all time favorites. It is similar blackened burgundy with grayish-black base and red-purple-brown micro-shimmer. 

In regular light (or without flash) these two shades look identical. With flash, Strong has cooler purple shimmer, whereas Midnight in Moscow has warmer red-plum shimmer. Both have dark gray-black as a base color, both are shimmery with gorgeous micro-shimmer.Strong is not unique or groundbreaking by any means, but it is a beautiful winter shade that will glisten on your nails.

Does Strong remind you of any nail polishes?

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