Friday, October 22, 2010


I am a die-hard DIOR fan...I am DIOR addict. Finally, Sephora has these beauties:

Which one do you like? I honestly love the very first color in the first palette. I have many taupe-grey-pinkish colors already, so I am waiting for something really special. I am thinking to get "five golds" palette (not pictured here).


  1. I am getting the Pink Golds clutch after all! Can't wait :-) I am a sucker for packaging and everything Dior! Btw, make sure you save all your Dior receipts for the Dior diva rewards program ;-)

  2. OMG so exciting. I think I am getting one of the other ones with 20% discount. (early Xmas present to myself, hehe). I am writing a paper and surfing Sephora (is it scientifically acceptable? :))

  3. Gorgeous packaging. Dior must spend a fortune on packaging alone. But I none of the palettes' content have that 'wow' factor for me.
    Well, that may be because in Romania all luxury brands are even more expensive (sometimes double the US price)
    I promised myself I would try Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and Guerlain at least once in my lifetime.

  4. @ Joice:
    Oh, I know!In Russian it is the same thing! (I am originally from Russia :) Prices are craze. At least in states, this stuff if more affordable. But I agree with you, for this money, I expect something very special :))