Friday, October 22, 2010

OPI vs. ESSIE brushes (For Olga :-)

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to show you why I prefer OPI over Essie nail polishes. One word: brush...
.I am a BIG fan of BIG brushes, as I think that they are MUCH more efficient in ensuring an even application in one stroke. Without further ado, let me show you:

Essie and OPI



I wish Essie would follow OPI lead and 'beef-up' their brushes. (especially for the price, that is comparable to OPI.) Oh, well. I am sticking to my OPI's ;-)


  1. Thanks for the post! :-) Wow Essie brushes are half the size of OPI's... I am not sure if I have a preference as far as the brush size goes, so I still want to give Essies a try :-) Btw, whats the name of the OPI polish on the first picture?

  2. It is St. Petersburgundy from the Russian Collection :-)

  3. BTW, the Essie color selection IS great and they do last comparably to OPI. I will post my top coat review next time I'll get around to it.

  4. Thanks for your post!
    I prefer using small brashes - with them I do my manicure more neatly. I'm not so careful to use big brashes :)
    By the way I would like to try OPI despite it's brashes - I like their colors, but there isn't this brand in Ukraine

  5. @Anna,

    Privet :)) Spasibo za komentarui--ya lublu jitat' tvoi blog :) Da, a vot mne kak to bolshe bolshie kistojki po dyshe. Na malenkie y mneya ne xvataet terpeniya :))