Thursday, October 21, 2010

CHANEL gris review+swatches

Today I wanted to share with you my latest Chanel 'loves'. This dynamic duo is called Ombres Contraste Duo (#10 Gris-Subtil) and Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in #35 (Gris).
As with all Chanel eyeshadows, you get the same silky texture and long wearing formula. As names imply, these are grey-ish tones with some purple hints. I was pleasantly surprised by the color of eyeliner: it is NOT your everyday grey pencil...In fact, it somehow reminds me of Chanel's sold out Paradoxal nailpolish--with purplish specks.

The colors are very true to how they look in the package

left and center: eyeshadows and right is an eyeliner in Gris
The lighter color is shimmery silver-light blue and the deeper color is a matte with some depth (e.i not shimmery, but with some dimensionality to it, if it makes sense :-)

Finally, let me show you a quick look that I sported today for a dinner with some friends. In fact, I wore the same look during the day, but added eyeliner for the evening. You can see that eyeliner comes out as a beautiful color. You can definitely use this palette for a smoky look with some modern twist. I do love this palette, but if you are deciding between these eyeshadows or eyeliner: Go with the eyeliner Gris (#35). It is a truly unique grey color!
Indoor lighting. Used both eyeshadows+eyeliner
You can see purple undertone in the eyeliner
In day light. Used lighter color only +eyeliner

Rating sheet: 
B+ eyeshadows
A eyeliner
  • Pros: 
          1. beautiful colors
          2. silky and long lasting
  • Cons: 
  1. price: $28 for eyeliner and $42 for eyeshadows
  2. I still like the texture of my Dior eyeshadows more than Chanel's. 
  3. I threw out eyeshadow sponges as their quality is lacking for me (Dior's are better imho).


  1. Beautiful duo and I loooooove the eye makeup! By the way, how did you put part of the post under the cut?

  2. Thanks!

    Regarding the hiding part of your post under the cut or "read more":
    When writing a post, use an icon "insert page break" at the place where you want it--> this should allow to 'hide' a part of the post...However, I've noticed that you have to be logged out to see it actually appear on your post, if you are logged in, it will appear as a full page. But your readers should see 'read more' where you placed 'page break'. I sorta did it on accident! Hope it helped.

  3. Thanks a lot! Now I have to go through my old posts and edit the long ones :)