Monday, November 8, 2010

Body Shop Hemp

I was in need of a heavy duty hand lotion. I am picky when it comes to choosing a hand lotion for a bunch of reasons. 1) I have only one and use it until it is all gone 2) It has to be cruelty-free (must) and organic (good to have). 3) it must have oils and special lipids that I know are good for skin (here goes my science background :)) 4)It must be heavy duty because I live in a) crazy climate with winters that kick Russian winters' butts and b) I work in the lab (NOT with animals, but with lipids and organic chemistry) and wear gloves for many hours each day. 5) Must have neutral smell, because of point 1) and point 4(b).
Finally, it has to be 6) not too oily and greasy.

My pick for this year is this tube (100 ml!) of Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop.

1) Check.
2) check and partially check.
3) Hemp oils is extremely rich in a special kind of lipids and essential fatty acids. Skin barrier is naturally made of such molecules (see my Ceramide post for NerdAlert :)) and shortly put: your skin will LOVE you if you rub some polyunsaturated lipids over it. This lotion contains Community Trade hemp seed oil and Community Trade organic beeswax--both are excellent for your skin. Check.
4) This stuff is SO thick and hydrating that I literally have to apply some decent force squeezing this bad guy out of the tube :) Check.
5) It hemp...grassy, earthy and very subtle. Check.
6) It absorbs into skin fast enough so that I don't get annoyed with it. :) Check.

LOVE. I am in lotion haven.
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