Friday, November 19, 2010

Westfield San Francisco Centre: A mall of my dreams

Last February I was in San Francisco for a work conference and we stayed a walking minute away from Westfield San Francisco Center. It is a stunning mall with shops that a beautyholic can dream off! The conference lasted a week (conference went every day from 9am -6 pm) and many rainy evening I have spent in this mall. San Fran is notoriously rainy all year round and the weather was no exception during our stay there.

Onto the mall: this is a stunning place--a paradise for a beautyholic and shopoholic. If you plan to visit San Fran one day, than add this place on your checklist right along the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite having all sorts of makeup imaginable, the mall itself is a piece of art! (Plus who doesn't love gourmet pastries.)


top level: was closed off for a promo party of some kind

                Oh, San Francisco, one day I will be back...

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