Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOTD: Goldie Nailpolish

Goldie Nail polishes are one of these gems that are no longer available for sale (I am into vintage nailpolishes!), but they are so cute and good for you and the planet, that I could not pass them by! They used to be made by The Bath and Body Works Company. These cuties are vegan, cruelty-free, DBP, Formaldehyde Free and Toluene Free, and one-coat application with a quick drying formula. What not to love?Today, I am wearing festive Goldie #5: a cool toned magenta with blue undertones and barely there shimmer (visible only on flash). It is a cream formula, gorgeous, applies easily, and dries fast.
Goldie #5
Goldie #5

Goldie #3, #21,  #5

Goldie #12, #22,  #6

Originally retailing for $9 each and trio sets for $18, I got both trio sets (6 polishes) for ~$10. Will eventually swatch all of these cuties. Does #5 remind you of any polishes?