Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dior Limited Edition EyePalette 2010

 To give you a preview of my latest Dior Limited Holiday 2010 Eyeshadow palette. It is a black  lacquered package with a Dior pattern imprinted. This beauty comes with a 'D' logo chain attached and four cool, steel-blue colors inside. It comes with a double sponge applicator which has one side for eyeshadow and the other side perfectly suitable for eyeliner application. 


These are beautiful colors, but I fond them to be of a somewhat poorer quality than regular Dior quints. These have more fallout and I find them to be somewhat chalky. Once again, I have a very high standards for eyeshadows, so these eyeshadows fall a little bit short for me. The deepest color-a royal blue-has a visible blue specks on glitter in it. This is fine for evening look, but for a daytime look, I would only use it as an eyeliner. Deep steel color is gorgeous. It is a cool-toned steel gray with gray micro-shimmer. Stunning. The other lightest shades are lighter silver gray and pearl-white. Pearl-white is the most chalky one out of this quartet and it has some fallout issue. These are rather sheer, but shimmery and blend great (typical for Dior shadows).

KISS it: if you are Dior collector (like me:), or if you don't have any other royal blue-steel palettes.
KILL it: if you don't need another royal blue, gray palette.

 Individual swatches are to follow:




one of my fave brushes

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