Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cruelty free shampoo

I have been using this stuff for a few days now, and I love it. Besides being cruelty free and promoting a great cause, it gives nice volume to my hair and makes them shiny and soft.I like the way it smell on my hair--exotic, spicy, somewhat musky, but not overpowering. However, if you can't stand any 'spicy' scents--it may not be right for you. I do like what it did to my hair. Moreover, its formulation does not contain any sulfate, or petrochemicals. Petrochemicals and parabens are known carcinogens, so it is wise to avoid using them. Sulfate help products to foam better, but they can irritate sensitive skin. Based on my experience, sulfate-free shampoos don't foam and rinse off well. This shampoo is different. Even though it does not produce abundant foam, it rinses off amazingly well.

Overall, I will give it A- (minus for the scent) and will recommend it to anyone looking for a cruelty free shampoo.

I got a new shampoo today, but haven't tried it yet! I loved the concept behind it: It is not only good  for you, but it is also eco-friendly and cruelty free!
Check out its website and its cause: http://www.db4wildaid.com/

"Amplifying Shampoo carefully and thoroughly cleanses, while providing natural lift and luster to tired, fine, limp hair. Mineral-rich Volcanic Ash from the Vanuatu Islands of the South Pacific brings abundant volume to hair. Fragrant White Ginger enhances shine, while natural Coconut Oil derivatives create ultra-rich lather. This unique eco-friendly formula is perfect for all hair types. It protects the hair's integrity and encourages manageability."

It smells AMAZING. Will try it tomorrow and will let you know.


  1. Can't wait to hear your opinion on this. I am still searching for a shampoo I would like enough to repurchase! :)

  2. What's your favorite shampoo?
    I use Organix coconut one right now--mainly because it is organic and smell delicious :)

  3. Thats the problem - I wish I had one :( Right now I am using the Tea Tree one by Giovanni, and I like how refreshing it feels, but it does not really seem to do anything for my hair :(